Pura Gula, Playa Chiquita

Seafood, Caribbean cuisine, Argentinian steak, sushi, vegetarian, Italian...

There's a good international selection of restaurants in Puerto Viejo and in our local area here in Playa Chiquita. Puerto Viejo also has a selection of bars to dance the night away or listen to live music.

Are you Vegan? 

Puerto Viejo is super vegetarian friendly and most places offer a great variety of vegan dishes. Check out the local Satellite for Puerto Viejo's vegetarian page for options.

You can get a full overview of restaurants on this direct link to Playa Chiquita HERE:


Some of our favorite restaurants in the area are:

Pura Gula 

Excellent Fusion Kitchen 5 min walk down to the main road. First restaurant on your right.



Pizzeria Pulcinella

Just across the street from Pura Gula. Stone oven pizza and wonderful Italian dishes.



Qui Quelombo - feelin like a real tasty steak?

This is definitely the place. Incredible Argentinian cuisine with focus on the famous Argentinian meat.

Great selection and big portion sizes.



El Sol de Caribe

Beachfront restaurant in Playa Cocles, with an excellent Vegan menu too.

Beautiful and well-made food - with ocean view.




Find several restaurants you can call here :


The restaurants already has a system in order to transport your order to Uva Blue Villas. 

Just sit back and wait for your food to arrive.

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